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Monday, July 28, 2014


Imagine you lived your whole life in a large building which you never left. There were always the sounds of various machines: humming, clicking, and making various other kinds of noise. Over the years, you got so used to the sounds that you ceased to even notice they were there.

One day, the noises all stop.

At first, you feel some disorientation, since, as far as you can remember, you've never been without the sounds. And so it seems strange. Alien. Perhaps a bit frightening. But you continue to listen.

And then, after listening to the silence for a little while, as your ears begin to recover from the once-endless noise that has now ceased, you hear a faint sound somewhere in the distance. It sounds like the voices of angels singing. Or maybe more beautiful still -- the sound of God Himself raising His glorious presence in song.

This is a feeble attempt to describe what it's like to be able to let your chattering, parroting, redundant, controlling, chronically-compulsive mind rest. It doesn't want to rest, because it is ill (remember the Garden?), and so it constantly covers up any sounds more subtle than its own (which isn't hard, since it's quite loud).

But there is an unspeakable beauty within everything, a sacred blissful aliveness that is almost entirely hidden by the frightened, prideful, judgmental, self-absorbed earthly mind that talks over the quietly singing voice of God and God's Creation.

Even while sitting on a busy street with cars honking and people complaining, if you are silent within, labeling nothing and passing no judgments on what is but just letting it be, you will see that it is breathtakingly beautiful. (I say this from first-hand experience, not from theory.)

And it's easy. It just takes practice, and that practice can be done in any situation at any time, even when you're using your mind to do something good or necessary. That's the seemingly foreign stuff about which I've been posting things here and there. Things that the human mind, terrified of losing its control over you, might have labeled as stupid or dangerous.

But it happens, eventually, all on its own when you put your attention 100% here and 100% now. Here, after all, is your body, is it not? Where else are you? And your body, the Bible says, is God's temple. Is it not? So putting your attention into feeling your body from the inside can't be a bad thing, can it, since that's where the Bible says God dwells.

And Hebrews says that "NOW" is the acceptable time. And when you think about it, Now is the only time that even exists. It's also the only time you can commune with God.

So who or what is telling you that being fully in your body right now is somehow mysterious, mystical, or dangerous?

And finally, if you come fully here and fully now without labeling things as bad (making a problem out of a loud noise you hear or complaining about the weather), you will, even if just for a short moment, enter into silence.

That silence will lengthen as you continue to do this throughout each day. Just a few seconds here, and a few minutes there. While you're sitting at a red light, or on hold on the phone. While your computer system is down at work. While you're walking to or from the restroom. While you're waiting for your food at a restaurant, or standing in line at the store.

And you will be amazed at the indescribable beauty with which you are surrounded -- not because you're thinking about looking for it, but because you're not -- in a time and place in which you have no worries, no problems. And you will start to wake up into that time and place where you are always and unendingly one with God.


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