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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Pentagram: Does it symbolize witchcraft?

When most Christians see a pentagram, their immediate reaction is "Witchcraft!" But is this really the truth? Let's take a look at the history of the pentagram. The truth just might surprise you.

In 3500 B.C., these are some of the things the pentagram symbolized:

- A sign for royalty, symbolizing the spread of their power to the four corners of the world.

- Called the "endless knot." It was a symbol of Truth.

- The Hebrews also considered it a symbol of Truth, and for them it represented the five books of the Pentateuch (part of the Old Testament).

- A sign painted on knights' shields, representing the five virtues: generosity, courtesy, chastity, chivalry and piety.

The pentagram was actually one of the first Christian symbols, and represented the five wounds of Jesus. It was also thought to symbolize protection from demons.

Prior to the time of the Inquisition, the pentagram was not associated with evil; instead, it symbolized Truth, spiritual experience, and the work of The Creator.

Over time the Catholic church removed the circle and altered the pentagram to a simple five-pointed star, presumably in reaction to the neo-pagans' use of the pentagram with the circle intact.

During the Inquisition, The Catholic church lapsed into a long period of torture and murder. More people were killed for being labeled pagan or witch than died during the Holocaust. During this time, the pentagram was sometimes portrayed as a Goat's Head or the Devil.

Around this time, poisoning as a means of murder came into prominence. Potent herbs and drugs brought back from the East during the Crusades had found their way into the cabinets of the healers, the wise, and the witches. Prominent deaths by poisoning caused the Dominicans of the Inquisition to move their attention from the Christian "heretics" to the pagan witches. In their attempt to destroy all witches, other horned gods such as Pan became equated with the Devil, and the pentagram, for the first time in history, was equated with evil and was labeled the "Witch's Foot".

It's true that the pentagram is used as a prominent symbol in many various religions, including Wicca. However, this has always been the case. Today, in similar fashion, the rainbow is used as a symbol of homosexuality, but God gave us the rainbow as a reminder of His promise.

We do not allow others to redefine what once did, and still does, represent something good. The rainbow still symbolizes Divine promise, and the pentagram still represents the protection brought to us by virtue and truth.


At August 17, 2014 at 11:58 AM , Anonymous Narkael said...

According to the Angels, Guardians Of Humanity, and Fallen Angels (interrupted)

We were not always left in sin. - speaks a Fallen Angel now
We were not talking with the Catholics. THEY WERE NOT REPENTING IN THE SIN! WE WERE GODS, THEREFORE! And tell them that! - the Fallen Angel adds

... with whom I talk to, the Guardians of Humanity use the octagram as their symbol, it is the eight-pointed star. They gave the original golden Jews the six-pointed star, the star of David. And once the corrupted Angels Fell, these were given the five-pointed star, the pentagram, to use as their symbol.

The pentagram reminds the Fallen Angels that they are "three removed from the octagram", and "once removed from the Jews". The pentagram is thus a form of mockery and sigil on the Fallen for their mean doings. The Fallen use it as a symbol of themselves, their identity, and their causes and plans.

When you see the pentagram, you should suspect the Fallen Angels lurking. If used as a sign for royalty and by knights, the Fallen Angels claim to have infiltrated royal families, military, governments, many organizations, they are in many places we would not expect.

Many of the Fallen love to portray themselves as a ram or a goat, and that is because throughout history they were given sacrifices of goats to try to appease their appetite for humans in particular for the Jews.

The octagram can be used as a symbol of the Guardians of Humanity and for good. The Jews were God's special people and were given the six-pointed star. We should not use the pentagram unless we are directly summoning, and intending, dealings with the Fallen.

We are Lords. Say that. AND?! IS THAT CLEAR? The goat's head, was me?? - the Fallen Angel adds

With much love,

At August 17, 2014 at 2:05 PM , Blogger Rev. Benjamin R. Faust said...

Interesting story, Narkael, thank you for sharing. What is its source? There are many interesting-sounding stories about pretty much everything, but unless they have the authority of truth, basing our actions and beliefs on them can often be accurately called superstition.

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