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Monday, May 3, 2010

To Pray or To Meditate?

Most of us have pretty busy lives. Frequently we have to choose between all the things we want to do because we simply don't have time to do them all. What happens when we need to either pray or meditate?

As explained in the Introduction to this blog, prayer and meditation are not the same thing. Contemplative Prayer, for example, is just a Christianized form of Transcendental Meditation, but it is not prayer. Prayer is coming to God by way of Jesus Christ and talking to Him, listening to Him, communing with Him. And spiritual growth cannot come through meditation, but only by walking with God, obeying what He says, and spending time with Him.

Can you pray while you meditate? Sure. You can (and should) be in an attitude of prayer at all times (pray without ceasing). You can pray while you work out at the gym. But we need that "alone time" with God, that time during which we set everything else aside (work, the gym, or meditation), and just spend time one-on-one with Him.

Put first things first, and put your relationship with God at the top of your list of priorities, and at the center of everything else. And as you spend time with God, worshiping Him and talking with Him, your brain and body will experience some of the same positive effects as if you were meditating. So above all else, get alone with God today and every day. Like nothing else, it will change your life!


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