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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Raw, Natural Foods

Three days ago, my wife and I changed our eating habits (or I guess we're in the process of changing them by choosing to eat differently). We're eating about 90% raw, and 100% natural food. This is relevant to the topic of this blog because I've noticed, even after the first day, my mind is more clear as is my mental vision.

Yesterday, on my daily walk, I noticed an increase in physical energy. Near the end of my walk, my left calf started cramping (probably related to Type 1 diabetes, which I've had for over 10 years). In the past, I've not been able to get rid of this type of cramp without sitting down and resting for awhile. But yesterday, I was able to stop the cramp with my mind alone, and while continuing to walk.

Here's a pic of yesterday's lunch! All raw and organic. Kale, cucumber, cilantro, avacado, alphalpha sprouts, and grapes. The red stuff is paprika and a dash of cyan pepper. Delicious and nutritious! Just like God created it. Nothing wrong with eating steak and potatoes, but the bulls we eat get big and strong eating grass. ;-)

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