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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dream Journaling

Most people don't bother to keep a dream journal. But if you're interested in exploring the realms of your mind, this is one thing you won't want to skip!

For one thing, your dreams are a "portal," if you will, into your subconscious. When you ignore your dreams, you are telling your mind that they are unimportant, and you will remember less and less of them as time goes on. Some people think they don't even have any dreams, because they have unknowingly trained themselves that their dreams aren't important enough to remember.

Keep a notebook and pen by your bed. You may also wish to keep a book light there, in case you wake up while it's still dark and don't want to wake up anyone else by turning on a larger light. When you first wake up is the best time to write down your dreams. In these fleeting moments, you are still partially in that atmosphere of dreams, and you can recall some of the fleeting feelings, images, and strange logic of your dreams. These are in the language of your subconscious, so capturing these impressions is a very important part of developing a conscious relationship with your inner mind!

The more you write down all the details of your dreams, the more dreams you will remember. I haven't been dream journaling for very long (a few weeks), but I can already remember, on average, one or two dreams every night. Before I started doing this, I would remember maybe one dream every month!

Dream journaling can (and most likely will) lead to lucid dreams, in which you are aware you're dreaming. Since you are becoming more and more familiar with your dream state by consciously committing your dream experiences to paper, you are "poking into" your subconscious world, becoming more comfortable with it, and you will become more and more likely to "pop into" it before you wake up, especially if you're practicing other methods designed to produce a lucid dream.

Lucid dreams, in case you don't know, are dreams in which you become aware that you're dreaming. If you focus on a visual detail of your dream and don't become overly excited (self control!), you can stay in the dream for increasing amounts of time. My favorite thing to do in a lucid dream is to fly! And as you explore and become increasingly familiar with the dream state, you will discover many things about the world of the mind (or soul) that can transform your waking life.

Tuning into the subconscious mind by dream journaling may also increase your level of intuition. In addition to that, you may start to gain various insights into problems that need to be resolved as well as their resolution. Many people successfully use dream journaling to solve difficult business, science, or other issues that their hours of conscious struggling alone can't solve. Chances are your subconscious has already been working through some issues in your life or on your job, and tuning into your dream world can bring this to the surface.

So start dream journaling today! If you stick with it, I think you'll be very glad you did! Feel free to comment with some of your own experiences.


At May 18, 2010 at 1:39 PM , Blogger Rev. Benjamin R. Faust said...

I had already journaled quite a few dreams, but thought they were all completely unrelated. Yesterday, I stumbled across a site called, and started entering my dreams from my journal onto the site. This site is really great, and keeps tracks of "dream signs" (I'll blog about that in an upcoming post). Even before seeing my list of signs, I started noticing very strong connections between my dreams, mostly that many of them are in the town in which I grew up, most include an unknown female adult and a young boy, and most of them take place in a house that is somewhat familiar, but usually bigger than real life (and mostly in the town where I grew up).


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