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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Daily Walk

Are you taking a walk every day? So many of us live sedentary lifestyles -- we work in front of a computer or on a phone all day, or behind a cash register. While we may walk or lift here and there, we need something more to keep us fit, both physically and mentally.

Some of my greatest and longest-lasting discoveries have come during one of my daily walks, and I wrote about one of them in my article "The Silent Mind."

During yesterday's walk, I passed an area in which there was nothing but trees -- no houses, no yards, just trees -- and the wind started blowing. The sound surrounded me, from last year's fallen leaves rustling on the ground, to the powerful rushing wind in the tops of the trees. It continued to grow stronger and stronger, until I felt as though I could barely stand the magnificent power. Of course, my mind had been silent and still, just breathing everything in.

And then... I passed a house on my left playing loud country music in the garage, and a man on my right with a loud leaf blower, blowing pollen out of his garage and short driveway.

On I went with my walk, farther and farther. After some time, I turned around and made my way back toward home. After about 20 minutes or more, I again passed those two houses, and there was still loud country music, now to my right, and the man was still blowing the same pollen, now to my left. I realized it might take five or ten minutes to blow that small area clean, and he was just having fun playing with his toy.

I was sad, for their sakes, as I thought, "They have no idea what they're missing." Sure, there's nothing wrong with music or leaf blowers. But take some time every day to just turn off the radio, your toys, and your babbling mind, and drink in the music of life all around you. Take a walk and let the magic happen.

If you can get to a place in which there is more of nature, less cars, less people, more trees, grass, flowers, and sunshine, then by all means go there! The less civilazation, the better. Get as close as possible to the atmosphere God created for us. Close your mental mouth, and just watch and listen. You just might be amazed at what you find.

If you absolutely cannot get to a place like this, then walk in the best places you can. Even in a busy city, there is life everywhere, somewhere... and if this is your constant atmosphere, you should meditate that much more, and I suggest playing nature sounds and feel yourself in those natural places.

Either way, take a walk today! And tomorrow... and the next day... Your mind will benefit. Your body will benefit. And you will eventually never want to stop!


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